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From Ken>
Subject Re: error SSLSocketFactory - java.lang.ClassNotFoundException
Date Tue, 15 Aug 2000 16:37:10 GMT
Okay, thanks for the explanation.
I found it odd that the binary had the source for SSLSocketFactory, but
it was not present in the Milestone Build. Now I see how that happened.


> The Tomcat build process optionally omits building certain classes if the underlying
libraries are not present.  In this particular case, the JSSE libraries were not present when
the nightly build was created -- so the SSLSocketFactory class was not compiled.
> To work around this, you will need to build Tomcat from source, making sure that you
have the JSSE JAR files on your class path when you compile.
> Craig McClanahan

Craig McClanahan wrote:

> > >>> 14/08/2000 21:13:21 >>>
> >
> > Do I need the source version of tomcat?
> > Or can I use the binary version 3.2b?

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