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From Flambard Jean Michel <>
Subject Have I to start jerv ?
Date Thu, 10 Aug 2000 21:27:32 GMT
Hi all,

In case tomcat with apache configuration, does tomcat start jserv
automatically ?
In tomcat-apache.conf file, there is the line: ApJServManual on
so, have I to start jserv myself ?
My probleme is follows:

When I do http://localhost/examples/jsp/a_file.jsp
that works.

When I do http://localhost/examples/servlet/a_servlet
that don't work.

My tomcat is running with apache, and apache serves the statics files
(html and .jsp)
and tomcat serves the dynamics files as the servlets. (as describe in
the tomcat doc)
I ask myself whether the link between apache and tomcat exists ?

Please help me, I waste too much time with that. However I have read the
specifications 2.2 and the doc.

My configuration:
Linux redhat 6.0
apache 1.3
tomcat 3.1

Thanks a lot  
"Il n'y a pas d'etrangers, seulement des amis qu'on n'a pas rencontres."
(Proverbe irlandais).

Jean Michel Flambard

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