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From Jakob Hummes <>
Subject jk_nt_service install with "Automatic"
Date Tue, 08 Aug 2000 19:46:34 GMT

if somebody has built a version of the jk_nt_service, which adds the
service on install in "automatic" mode, I would be most graceful, if she
or he could send me copy.

I would be also very graceful, if somebody could send me the needed
source code (I tried to get it from the Web based CVS, but it seems that
I need a lot of files, while others are not needed).  So, if somebody
has a compilation of the needed files; thanks for sending them to me. 
(Or is there such a biest under CVS as check out all files related and
dependend to jk_nt_service?)

Thanks a lot in advance,
- Jakob

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