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From Tim Kientzle <>
Subject Re: Problems building on Solaris 7
Date Tue, 08 Aug 2000 19:42:46 GMT
Tom Samplonius wrote:
> > jk_pool.h:112: parse error before `jk_pool_atom_t'
> > apxs:Break: Command failed with rc=65536
> > ~/jakarta-tomcat/src/native/apache1.3 (shark) %
>   My build stopped at the same place with the same error.  I'm using
> FreeBSD 4.1 though.  I suspect that mod_jk code as included with 3.2beta
> is hosed.

Hmm...  Let's just call it "immature".  ;-)

There are special-case #ifdefs for a couple of specific systems.
FreeBSD is not one of them, and the default seems to be Windows.
Needless to say, the Windows definitions don't work on FreeBSD.
I was able to compile it on FreeBSD by making some ugly ad-hoc
source changes, but I threw all that away because it didn't
address any of the problems I was having with mod_jserv.

The mod_jk source needs to be scrubbed a bit before it's
ready for prime time.

				- Tim Kientzle

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