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From Jakob Hummes <>
Subject Re: Servlet unloading
Date Tue, 08 Aug 2000 15:26:26 GMT

"DAVIS, SCOTT A. (AIT)" wrote:

> Is it possible to set the amount of time since a servlet is last accessed
> before Tomcat unloads the servlet from memory? 

This I don't know, but ...

> I'm working on a intranet application with a number of servlets which each
> open a connection to a remote database on initialization and close it when
> they are destroyed.  The remote database is rebooted at 5:30am each Monday
> morning, breaking any existing connections with the servlets.  Tomcat has to
> restarted for the servlets to reconnect the next time they are accessed. should rethink your design.  A better approach is to use a DB
connection pool.  It should check the status of a connection, and reopen
the connection if it is broken, before returning the connection to your

- Jakob

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