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From Wolfgang Stein <>
Subject Sorry for inconvenience with 'READ THIS FIRST...'
Date Tue, 08 Aug 2000 14:20:28 GMT
Hi Tomcat users,

- first of all, i apologize for some incommodities
  related to the 'READ THIS FIRST' posting.

  Some problems arised from the postings 'To:' entry
  that was stripped off during the execution of a cron job
  (I don't know exactly how this happened and how the message
  was nevertheless delivered).

- Second, thanks for all feedback.
  I have sent an email to the list owner to send the posting
  to each new subscriber and on a regular basis to all subscribers
  (would five or six times a day be okay?  :-).

- Last not least, thanks to Basil Bourque for spending time
  on editing and supplementing the doc.

Wolfgang Stein

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