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From Ravi Kumar <>
Subject Tomcat-Apache problem on NT
Date Tue, 08 Aug 2000 12:02:59 GMT

	I have installed Apache Web server and Tomcat on Win NT. We have some
servlets to execute which basically retrieves data from a back end
database server and publishes the data on the client machine. To achieve
this we are using.....

JDBC Connection Driver File	- Jconnect for JDBC from Sybase
DATABASE SERVER			- Sybase 11.5 on WIN NT
WEB SERVER			- Apache on WIN NT


1. After installation of Tomcat my Apache server does not start as a
service and throws an error 
" 1067 Terminated unexpectedly "
2. While running the htmls which has tags to execute Servlets, I dont
see anything happening. I have defined all my connection parameters to
the Sybase database in my servlet. The Jconnect driver installation is
perfect and is running properly.

How do I address these two burning issues. Please reply  with
suggestions/instructions to rectify the problems.



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