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From Tim Kientzle <>
Subject Re: Some questions
Date Fri, 04 Aug 2000 16:58:10 GMT
If it is possible under Apache/Linux, it's a bad idea.

On Unix systems, Apache runs many copies of itself.  If you
configured Tomcat to run in-process, you would get many complete
copies of Tomcat, which is a pretty expensive proposition.

The redirect overhead shouldn't be that bad, and will definitely
be much faster than forcing the system to swap many JVM copies.

Apache 2.0 is supposed to support multi-threading under Unix,
which might make this possible.  (Of course, multi-threading is
less robust than multi-process, so if you really need Apache+Tomcat,
you might be better off sticking with the non in-process arrangement

			- Tim wrote:
> Hello
> I'm in the proccess of evalutating the Tomcat 3.1 for use , in my company.
> I have successfully build it under Apache 1.3.12 / Linux ,  and under
> IIS 5.x Windows 2000, both stand alone container and jni in proccess server.
> My question is next:
> Under Apache in Linux, I have to manually start tomcat, and with the mod_jserv,
> if I undesrtand correctly the doc, Apache redirects the context rquest to the
> Tomcat proccess.
> Is posible to run tomcat with in proccess jni servlet in Apache, like
> IIS or Netscape :?
> Can someone point me to doc about this topic.
> Thanks
> Saludos
> Drizzt
> --

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