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From "$Bill Dossett" <>
Subject page has moved messages...
Date Fri, 04 Aug 2000 11:06:42 GMT

I've got a form that submits and update to a database,
then calls itself to display the data again so the user
can see his changes and make further updates... the
problem is that when I call the form, directly  after
the update, the mesages, "this page as moved to here"
with here being a hyperlink to the same page as
I have called...  The URL is correct in the browser
window and the requested URL is correct in the jasper
log, but I still get this message and can't figure out
why because as far as I can tell, all the paths and
stuff is corrrect....  the bulk of the code is produced
by macromedia ultradev.  Cool product, it writes the
code and you get to fix it :-)  anyway, I've picked
my way through all of the code and for once I think
it's right.. maybe,  any ideas on what I should look



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