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From Andy Lewis <>
Subject Re: READ THIS FIRST !!! Mailing-list archive and good tips
Date Thu, 03 Aug 2000 08:58:25 GMT
That sounds like a need for better propogation of common, resolved issues
from the list to the FAQ, and better propogation of unresolved to the
developer list....

"C. Jason Benedict" wrote:

> Not to offend anyone, but...
> what about those people who have searched the archive over and over
> again, have posted numerous email to the list, and still have not gotten
> anywhere because of the fact that the questions are over the heads of
> most of the user's on this lists?
> i'm talking about questions that the core development group should be
> answering, but don't. a "we're still working on it" would satisfy me.
> also, i do agree that there is more than enough noise on this group.
> i've been on this mailing list since the beginning of june and have
> received over 6000 messages. most of them cover the same subjects over
> and over again, day after day.
> Wolfgang Stein wrote:
> > This mailing list is obviously not moderated. Let's help ourselves !
> >
> > For future noise reduction please re-post this TWICE a day
> > so that new subscribers get informed with max. one day delay!!!
> --
> C. Jason Benedict

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