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From William Hovingh <>
Subject Extra path info supported in Tomcat 3.1?
Date Wed, 02 Aug 2000 17:23:26 GMT
Forgive me if this is FAQ: I've tried to search through past
messages of the list and at the Tomcat info sites I'm aware
of, and haven't found an answer:

How do I invoke a servlet and pass it "extra path info"
(which would be available within the servlet through the
HttpServletRequest.getPathInfo() method)?

When I attempt to do this thus:


(where I've defined the servlet MyServlet in the web.xml
file of the mycontext context, and expect
request.getPathInfo() to return the String "/foo/bar"), I
get "404 /mycontext/MyServlet/foo/bar File Not Found" as a

What am I missing?

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