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From Wolfgang Stein <>
Subject READ THIS FIRST !!! Mailing-list archive and good tips
Date Tue, 01 Aug 2000 21:02:07 GMT
This list is obviously not moderated. Let's help ourselves !

For future noise reduction please re-post this TWICE a day
so that new subscribers get informed with max. one day delay!!!

------------- Before posting any questions ... -----------------

- please search the archive contributed by Bob Tanner
  Search for short phrases of your server error messages.
  Search the archive again with better phrases.
  Spent some time for reading all relevant search results
  MOST beginners questions have been asked already !!!

- RTFM (some links please)

- There is no FAQ in this mailing-list

- Study the tomcat examples.
  Try out/put your first servlets into the /examples context and
  add an entry into /example/WEB-INF/web.xml

- Examine your error messages for tomcat weakly related stuff like
  CLASSPATH problems
- This list is no automatic problem solver.
  Try the steps above and try to help yourself first.
  Ask an expert in your company or school class.
  If all this does not help and you suffered for a reasonable
  long time feel free to ask for help in this list :-)
- This list contains a lot of VIRUSES !!!
  Don't trust anybody.
  If your are not absolutely sure, dont't open any attachments.
  Don't read the postings with a JavaScript enabled Client.
  There are some JavaScript viruses.
  Microsoft users:
  Disable all stuff like ActiveScripting etc.
  in your mail reader.  Be carefull with attachments,
  especially of type .exe .vbs (there are also
  some virus attachments like "livestages.txt.shs".
  The .shs extension disappears/is not visible under Win but
  represents an executable script which will execute when opened
  I don't know whether the 'show attachements inline' feature 
  will execute attachments automatically)

- Need more help ?
  - Search the archive again
  - Search DejaNews at
  - There is a servlet related mailing list  
    Find out how to search the archive.
    Don't subscribe or you will receive hundred of messages a day 
    making you overlook your few important mails.
    Take this as an example of how the tomcat list 
    should not evolve.
  - Search the whole Web with a popular search engine.
    Use one with advanced or boolean queries. Refine
    your query.
    As a developer of server applications you should know
    all about it :-)
------------- to be continued --------------------------------------

Maybe someone can put this into grammatical correct form.
We should be aware of the longer this doc gets the more
it has to be maintained. 
It should be mostly a pointer to other resources and
a netiquette.

I am not sure how long this will work, but give it a chance.
I am sure that we will remember quickly when we take a look 
into our mailbox in the morning :-)

And please avoid too many comments on this doc, just refine
- Wolfgang Stein

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