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From Wolfgang Stein <>
Subject This is no automatic problem solver. Was: Error500
Date Tue, 01 Aug 2000 18:16:12 GMT
ramanarayanan raman -

You transmitted approximately ten questions within five days.
Some from them were elementary questions, which were often
answered in the past already. Some problems were java basics
e.g. Class xxx not found in import.

Other questions showed almost in real time the hectic progress
of a tomcat beginner. In addition, the frequency of your questions
showed that you cannot have seriously tried to solve the problems
with own effort.

Would you like that we do your work for you?

So in the future please
1. Try to solve your problems
   e.g. look at the examples
2. Read the manuals.
3. Search the archives at
   for your server messages like
   "Response has already been committed"

Thats what most of us do before they feed additional
noise into this mailing list :-) 


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