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From Victor Chinnappan <>
Subject DBConnectionBroker?? Anyone came across this problem
Date Tue, 29 Aug 2000 17:48:43 GMT
Hi All,

I came to know about the DBConnectionBroker class from
a friend of mine. I have been trying to use it with
Tomcat. I have SOAP and Servlets accessing a Microsoft
Access Database. I am facing a strange problem...

A Login servlet creates a "Session" record and returns
the session id to a client. The client then sends the
sessionID to other servlets ("GetEmployeeDetails") and
the like. Strangely, when i try to verify the session
information, the SQL fails to find a record that was
just created. I am folliwing the protocol suggested.
i.e. getConnection(), freeConnection(), et al. It is
not consistent though. Sometimes it goes through and
sometimes it fails. Maybe i am missing something in
the process.... Any possible mistakes that i might be
doing in this. Looks like a simple task, but .....

Any pointers will be very much appreciated...


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