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From Victor Chinnappan <>
Subject Anyone tried pulling the wire...????
Date Thu, 24 Aug 2000 22:43:21 GMT
Hi All,

I am a newbie to TOMCAT.... Really glad that i started
using it...

Wondering if anyone tried to test the timeout feature

Considering the error cases for a web app, we tried to
test the network errors. So wrote a servlet that can
receive files from a client. With this set up we tried
to upload a huge file... (1 MB) and half way through,
pulled the wire in the client system... 

NOTE: This was only tried on the LAN/intranet.

The client got an error notification immediately.. On
the server the servlet was still hanging on to the
read operation and never complained of any
errors/exceptions... Does the servlet spec say
anything about this or should it be handled at a
different level...

I read from docs and going through the server.xml in
the conf\ directory understood that you can set the
timeout for your contexts. By default it would be "30"
minutes i guess which is specified in web.xml .
We changed them to 2 minutes.

I created an entry for <session-timeout> in the 
webapps\MyApp\web-inf\web.xml in the application
directory for 2 minutes. It did not do any better

I am not sure if i have misunderstood the concept and
the timeout is just for inacivtiy on a client's part
or would it be applicable for this kind of network
errors too???

I would really appreciate anyone/everyone 's feedback
or pointers...


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