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Subject wired problem
Date Thu, 01 Jan 1970 00:00:00 GMT

hello friends 

  i have installed jdk 1.2.2 and tomcat 3.1 on redhat 6.1, it was working
fine for me before few days ,just before two days it had stopped/tacking
long time for  serving urls that gets mapped to tomcat , apache is still
serving static pages quick enough , 

  the intrsting thing is on the mechine running tomcat i have no system
accounts all the users are in LDAP running on same mechine , 

now tomcat still works fine if i log on to that mechine by telnet with
specific UID and GID ( which is there in my ldap) and su to root then start
it ,  

 but its not working if this specific UID and GID gets changed means if i
telnet to that mechine and will log in with any other uid gid which is also
there in my ldap and will then try to restart tomcat then its either dying
or tacking very long or getting hung 

 it was working fine few days , with out any constraints of who telnet and
then su to root ,before starting tomcat 

 the config is same , i have not modified any thing , i am prety sure 
 please point me towards possble cause for this 

 thanks a lot 
Prashant Desai

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