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From Hoi Fai Leung <>
Subject Re: [RE: simple questions]
Date Fri, 11 Aug 2000 10:15:55 GMT
You have to set the classpath to point to the jar files.

If you are working on a NT machine:
1) on the desktop, right clike 'My Computer' and choose properties.
2) choose the 'Environment' tab, you will see a list of variables under 'User
Variables for Administrator.'
3) if you see the variable, 'classpath,' click on it and append the value at
the bottom.  Otherwise, just type 'classpath' at the 'Variable' text box and
type in the path that point to the jar files (e.g. C:\jdk1.3\lib\tools.jar). 
If you have more than one path, just separate them by ';'
4) click 'Set' button after typing.

According to documentation that comes with JDK, during compile time, one of
the first place JVM looks for classes is classpath.  If you have a class
edu.upenn.myClass, you can put it at C:\JavaPackages\edu\upenn\myClass.   As
long as one of you classpath point to C:\JavaPackages, both tomcat and JDK
will see it.

I really like this feature of tomcat, because when I was using JServ, I have
to set a path in each .properties file.

Hope it helps,

"Lee Storey" <> wrote:
> try putting jars in web-inf/lib under the context, i found this works -
> though if there is a better way (for common across all contexts) i would
> appreciate advise , multiple copies of the javax.mail jars is irritating me
> !!
> lee
> -----Original Message-----
> From: Shu Yan Chan (UK) []
> Sent: 10 August 2000 17:54
> To:
> Subject: simple questions
> I managed to set up Tomcat with Apache on Linux
> but when I tried to do the same on NT IIS, I was stuck:
> 1)  in Linux + apache, I have detailed documentation on how to modify
> various conf and properties files, but on NT, I can't found any useful
> information.
> Are all config being done via modifying those XML files?
> On one combination, I managed to get servlets(and the context it belongs
> living outsite the Tomcat home directory. But when I tried to set this up
> again on antoher machine, I realised that I do not know how I achieved that
> in the first machine!  I can get Tomcat to display the static page but not
> servlet.  Are sevlets supposed to be stored in the WEB-INF\classes or
> WEB-INF\servlets sub directory of the context?  SHouldn't it be a way to
> specify which directory it is lviing in?
> By default, I guess anything after /servlet/ will be treated as servlet and
> looked up from the directory mentioned above, but can I specify more in NT?
> e.g. like /user/servlet/ , etc?
> The way to do it in Linux does not seems to work on my NT machin
> 2) How to add jar files to the classpath in NT?  if it is class files, I
> know I should put them in the classes directory under the home directory of
> Tomcat.  But it would not work on jars.  Putting them on Libs do not seems
> to work neither.
> Thanks.
> Yours,
> Shu Yan

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