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From Siu Hong Hui <>
Subject Parsing error
Date Tue, 08 Aug 2000 22:24:29 GMT
Hi, I got some question about this error message:

Parse error, missing : in  TTP/1.1

Here is the case :
Basically all I have was a html page name test.html
and a jsp page name test.jsp. Inside test.html there
is a form that calls test.jsp when submit and there is
only a "textarea" text field and a "submit" button
inside the from.

After entering a large amount of text (e.g. a news
article) in the textarea and clicked on the sumbit
button. The console shows the above error message
"Parse error, missing : in  TTP/1.1" and my broswer
(IE 5) shows an error message saying :

Error: 414

Location: /

Right at the above location shows the Address of
test.jsp with a question mark and a half chop off
version of my news article. 

Does any of you have any experience with the above
error? Another question is does Tomcat automatically
put any HTML inputs (text, textarea, hidden) in the

Thanks very much.


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