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From Hoi Fai Leung <>
Subject Re: JSP's.
Date Tue, 08 Aug 2000 00:16:32 GMT
Did you include the tools.jar in you classpath?  I remember there was once
when I install tomcat on a clean machine.  I did not include anything in my
classpath.  So I got the servlets in the examples running but not JSP's.  But
it worked fine after I included my tools.jar in my classpath.

hope it helps,

"Archimedes" <> wrote:
> Hello... well I finally got TomCat working on a Brandnew NT Install, and
> just now it stopped working and instead of serving up the JSP or Servlet
> pages, the Browser & apache logs tells me  that the page is not available.
> Even though I'm trying to access the example pages. I can't remember if I
> changed anything, but I don't think I did... any Idea what I could have
> changed?.. If I did?..
> Michael L Smith
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> The greatest programming project ever, took 6 days and 6 nights and on the
> 7th day the programmer rested...
> we've been trying to debug the bloody thing ever since

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