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From "Peter Bowyer" <>
Subject Re: Problem creating Red Hat 6.2 + Apache
Date Wed, 16 Aug 2000 08:13:00 GMT
Sam Butterworth wrote :-

> gcc -DLINUX=2 -DUSE_HSREGEX -DUSE_EXPAT -I../lib/expat-lite
> -DNO_DL_NEEDED  -I/usr/local/apache/include  -c mod_jserv.c
>    -o mod_jserv.o jserv_wrapper_win.o jserv_wrapper_unix.o
> jserv_wrapper.o jserv_watchdog.o jserv_utils.o jserv_status.o
> jserv_protocols.o jserv_mmap.o jserv_image.o jserv_balance.o
> jserv_ajpv11.o autochange.o -o
> apxs:Break: Command failed with rc=16711680

Your apxs is broken - it mis-handles the -o option. Check out the gcc line
it generated for you - there are 2 '-o' arguments which makes no sense (-o
defines the output file). If you capture that gcc line and remove the '-o' argument, gcc will compile the module OK.

Then you need to do the rest of what apxs was going to do for you - copy the
.so to your apache libexec directory.

I gleaned this info from a day or two's bitter experience, and a trawl of ......

Hope this gets you further forward - can't help with your IOException,


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