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From Craig Anderson <>
Subject Tomcat + Apache Across Multiple Machines
Date Thu, 10 Aug 2000 21:08:36 GMT
Hello -

	I currently have two machines set up to do all of my java/internet
work. The first is running Solaris 6 and apache 1.3.12 with mod_jserv and is
set up to handle about 30 virtual hosts. The second is running Solaris 7,
tomcat 3.1, and postgres 7.0.2. I want the second box to handle all servlet
and jsp files for the first. I have an nfs link set up between the two and I
can put all of the jsp's and servlets onto the box running tomcat and put
them where they need to be. However, here is how I would like it all to
work, and I used to be able to do this with gnujsp:

	All php, html, perl and other files will get served off of the
apache box. Then I would like to set up apache to send all jsp requests to
the tomcat server so this would happen: is located on the apache box and
gets served by apache. is located on the tomcat box and
when the apache box gets a request for this file it hands the request off to
the tomcat box in typical mod_jserv fashion. 

	I set up a context like this:
	<Context path="/" docBase="vhosts/devel/docroot" debug="0"
reloadable="true" ></Context>

	So, under this scenario, index.jsp would be located on the tomcat
box under vhosts/devel/docroot/index.jsp. The problem is, I cannot figure
out how to set up the vhost entry on apache to just hand off all jsp files
to the tomcat box. Anyone do anything like this? Any tips? The documentation
seems to still be a bit scarce. 

Craig Anderson
Director of Internet Services
Netstat Resources, LLC.

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