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Subject Re: Apache-Tomcat and Servlet problem - Solved
Date Fri, 11 Aug 2000 14:15:40 GMT

Thanks for all your help.
My problem was: I used to run Apache with Apache jserv before. After
Installation and configuration of Tomcat I did not remove JServ. Even I
changed httpd.cfg and called proper configuration for Tomcat the old JServ
demon messed up my servlet requests. However Tomcat happily served my JSP
request. To fix all this mess I saved my Apache config files, removed
completely Apache and JServ, reinstall Apache, and copy back my config

My apache and Tomcat works just fine now.

George Nagy
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                    Jean Michel                                                          
                    Flambard                 To:,
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          >               Subject:     Re: Apache-Tomcat and Servlet
                    08/10/00 12:00 PM                                                    


I have exactly the same problem.
May it Linux fault ? (my version redhat 6.0)
If you have some clues, please forward...
Thanks a lot a écrit :
> Hi guys.
> I have problem to execute any servlet using Apache. However JSP work just
> fine.
> Also if I use Tomcat web server (port 8080) servlets and jsps work fine.
> This is the error I am getting in /etc/httpd/logs/error_log file
> [Wed Aug  9 15:31:00 2000] [error] [client] File does not
> /home/jakarta-tomcat/webapps/examples/servlet/HelloWorldExample
> Tomcat 3.1
> Apache 1.3.12
> jdk 1.2.2
> jsdk 2.2
> jsp 1.1
> Linux 2.2.12-20 i386 (RedHat 6.1)
> Any help would be welcome
> Thank you

Jean Michel Flambard

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