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From "Peter Bowyer" <>
Subject Re: help help help
Date Tue, 22 Aug 2000 09:37:20 GMT
> i tried to talk to some one but they said it is the policy and we can do
nothing about it
> know it it anoying but i can not deal with it so
> y help from your side and others soring my problem not this email messages
>  please help in the follwoinf matter

You continaully ask for help but don't want to address the fact that your
emails are annoying us - how reasonable is that?

1. Respect your peers whose help you are craving by posting from a hotmail
account instead of your corporate account.
2. Tell your email admins that their policy is preventing you getting peer
support around the net. Suggest they move the junk text to the bottom of the
emails where everyone can safely ignore it.

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