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From "Wolfgang Egger" <>
Subject Apache httpd makes annoyance
Date Fri, 11 Aug 2000 07:23:11 GMT

we have some "strange" behaviour here and I hope someone could give us some

We have a little webapplication with JSP, servlets and beans. If we start
this webapp only under tomcat "myPc:8080/myWebApp" everythig works as

On myPc there is an apache http-server running. so normaly we would run our
webApp with "myPc/myWebApp". But if we do that, our webApp behaves very

We believe, that the HttpResponse.sendRedirect("newLocation") method could
be involved - or better - that it won't be executed as expected.

Has anybody watched similar problems and does anybody know, how to "repair"

Thanx in advance and have a nice day


Synemedia Productions
Hildegardstr. 28 | 10715 Berlin, Germany | Tel: +49(0)30-857 32 850
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