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From "Shravan Shashikant" <>
Subject Running Tomcat in the background
Date Wed, 30 Aug 2000 23:09:17 GMT
Hi there,
   I am a new Tomcat User and am using it on an Apache Webserver 1.13 on Windows 2000 and
am using Tomcat 3.1 .I am using Java Servlets and JDBC to communicate with my Access database.Everything
runs well except that I have 2 problems :
  1. I wish to run tomcat in the background as a service just like the Apache Webserver.Right
now,I need to startup Tomcat by going thru the command prompt and it shows some context log
screen.I want to make this independent just like APache runs which as a service(irrespective
of who has logged on or even if nobody has logged on).
  2.Time and again when I run Tomcat,it just crashes without any reason.Sometimes it says
RELOAD!.Any ideas as to what I need to do??
Any help with regard to my q's r welcome and greatly appreciated!!

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