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From "Andy Hampshire" <>
Subject Using <SERVELET CODE=xx> & IIS
Date Tue, 22 Aug 2000 16:24:19 GMT
Hi all,

I'm experimenting with various combinations of Servlet engine and Web
servers to ensure my code runs in all environments.

I'm currently looking at IIS & Tomcat 3.1.

I believe that this combination is working to a point, for instance I can
run my Servlet via a QueryString, eg:


However I want to embed a <SERVLET> Tag in an HTML page that will invoke the
Servlet eg:

MyTest.shtml   - ( Why .shtml ? No reason apart from it was easy to copy
some other defs when I was doing IIS & Jrun :-) )


<SERVLET CODE=myServlet>


Using the URL: http://locahost/MyTest.shtml the Servlet is run but the
Servlet doesn't receive any parameters.

However using the URL http://localhost/MyTest.shtml?PARM1=VALUE1 passes the
arguments on the query string ..

Anyone got an ideas what I can try next ?

Many Thanks .... Andy Hampshire - Amdahl (UK) Ltd

PS - The above works with IIS & Jrun 2.3.3

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