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From "Jaymes Sorbel" <>
Subject Multiple Domain JSP Configurations
Date Tue, 08 Aug 2000 16:29:02 GMT
Hello All,

I've hesitated to post this question to this list thinking that it might be
something that I should be able to "figure out" myself.  However, I have not
found any good method or documentation for doing what I need to do - or I've
completely missed the boat on this.

Let me setup what I have to work with.

1.  I host multiple domains on my Linux 6.1 Box
2.  I'm using Tomcat 3.2 with mod_jserv and Apache 1.3.12
3.  I have Tomcat directory at /path/to/tomcat
4.  Web Root is at /web/root (seperate from tomcat)

I understand how to get each domain to point to a specific
webapps/subdirectory for servlets.  What I don't understand is how to get
each domain to access JSP files from a certain location.

For example.  I would like to access.

from each domain and ensure the right index.jsp is displayed.  What appears
to happen now is that Tomcat/Jserv is looking at webapps/ROOT for the
specified JSP file.  If this is the case, then I would have to have each
domains index.jsp be a different name.

Here is what I thought would be a solution.  Either:

1.  Make apache's webroot the same as the Tomcat webapps directory or
2.  Make Tomcat webapps directory the same as apache's webroot.

Other than this (and I'm not sure either would work), I have not found a
method to configure the JSP portion of Tomcat as I need it.

Any help on this or if you could send me to a good documentation source,
this would be greatly appreciated!

Also, is there reasonable alternatives to Tomcat that may not be too
expensive and not so complicated to configure and/or maybe have a better
performance record.  I thought I would just toss this out there just to see.


Jaymes H. Sorbel

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