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From "Mike Bremford" <>
Subject RE: Tomcat,Jasper and JSP
Date Tue, 01 Aug 2000 09:47:10 GMT
Thanks to the wonders of everyone can relax.
Heres the conversation, with a couple of minor edits where it got confused.

> The problem, it is that I does not see which class it uses.
> I quite simply transfered myself the importing of all my JSP and my
> application functions. I contacted the Oracle support for more detail
> (because it iis about an Oracle package) Merci for your assistance!

> After reading of the following error. I think rather than you did not
> put the path pointing towards the class oracle.jbo.common.appmgr. *;
> in tone CLASSPATH

> I had same Problem but under win 98 by defining the variable of
> environement JAVA_HOME=c:\jdk1.3 (Point towards the root of the
> JDK) as TOMCAT_HOME=c:\jakarta-tomcat(par examples) I solved problem.
> Jakarta needs to know or this finds the JDK since it compiles the
> jsp.
>Good luck.

Actually, it reads better than some of the native english posts :-)

Cheers.... Mike

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From: John Summerfield []
Sent: 01 August 2000 09:59
Subject: Re: Tomcat,Jasper and JSP

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> Hello? This is the tomcat-user mailing list. Not tomcat-utilisateur.
> If what you have to say can interest other people on this list, please
> express
> yourselves in the list's language. Otherwise, take it offline.

Settle down. He can hardly ask in English if he doesn't know it well enough.

I was going to answer it; unfortunately its just too long since I learned
French, and I don't have a dictionary to hand. Mind you, I'd have answered

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