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From "Abhilash V. Sonwane" <>
Subject Re : How to cast JSP request String to int?
Date Mon, 21 Aug 2000 06:46:51 GMT
this is basic java 
use Integer.parseInt() method from the Integer class

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From: Thomas <>
Sent: Mon Aug 21 12:06:43 GMT+05:30 2000 
Subject: How to cast JSP request String to int?

 How do you use a number from a request parameter in an equation using JSP?  In other words,

How do you set the value of an int variable to the value of a numeric String variable?

I tried to do:

int Repeat1__numRows = 10;
if(request.getParameter("num_results")!=null) {
 Repeat1__numRows = (int)request.getParameter("num_results");

But the engine (tomcat 3.1 and jdk 1.3) says: 

Invalid cast from java.lang.String to int 

thanks for a tip,

eLitecore Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

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