Although Tomcat3.1 supports auto-reloading of servlets i cannot really enjoy it becuase every time i recompile
   i get ClassCastException and i need to restart the Engine to get things working.
   I am using Model2 design pattern which means that i have plenty of Database beans and just 1 servlet controller and of course plent of JSPs. The ClassCastException happens when i recompile a Database bean or the controller.
   Does it have to do with the fact that i have almost all of my .jar libraries (JDBC driver, mail.jar, jndi.jar etc.) in the System Classpath which i set in the tomcat.bat script , instead of the the WEB-INF/lib directory ?
  In fact i do not use at all the WEB-INF/lib directory.
  I have all my servlets and database beans in WEB-INF/classes .