Regarding the index.jsp issue.
Look at the WEB.XML file for that app. You can specify in the WELCOME-FILE-LIST tag (near the end of the file in mine) a WELCOME-FILE tag that has INDEX.JSP as it value. Then - according to the info I have - if you don't specify a file (just the path) it will serve up the JSP file. My example file also has INDEX.HTML, and INDEX.HTM files in the list. If you have more than one of them in your directory I don't know which one is served.
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In my limited experience with Tomcat 3.1/IIS 5.0 when you specify the port you are bypassing IIS and talking directly to Tomcat.  In order to have IIS redirect to Tomcat on port 80 (as long as you get the green up arrow in the IIS manager) you need to modify your file to include the following lines (for the examples):
This will cause Tomcat to serve up all files in the examples directory.  If you want IIS to serve up static content, you need to create a virtual directory to point to your examples directory and change the file to tell Tomcat to serve only jsp and servlet files:
The only issue I still have has to do with the default document.  If I tell IIS that index.jsp is a valid default document, IIS will send it to the browser without allowing Tomcat to process the page - the raw jsp is sent to the browser.  If I don't tell IIS about index.jsp, I get a directory listing denied page (since I have directory browsing turned off).  In this case, I have to specify the default document.
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I hope I am right, but I think when you use port 8080, you will talk directly to Tomcat without IIS.
And that's not what you want.
You should change the port from the standard website (80) to something else (maybe 81).
Then you can change the port of the tomcat website to 80.
These changes have to be done in the IIS manager.
You have to change also the file extensions from default.asp,... to index.jsp, ...html, etc.
Another question:
Do you have additionally started Tomcat? The isapi.dll is only a redirector. ;)
Third idea:
I created virtual directories called examples and admin which point to \tomcat\webapps\examples and \tomcat\webapps\admin
and it works fine for me (now!).
If it will work, you can access the site with:
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I have the same problem. Try to add port number into your browsers query string. For example, http://localhost:8080/index.jsp
It will be work, but of course this is not a convenient way of problem's solution. As far as i know this problem is character of win2000/iis5 configuration.
  Ok, I realize that this is my third email on this topic but I'm pretty sure I'm real close but
  missing something small.
  I followed the "how to" documentation to set up Tomcat with IIS. I have the green arrow in my
  ISAPI filters, the jakarta virtual directory and the registry entries. I've checked and double checked
  these. I'm running Tomcat 3.1 under win2k. I got to the point in the "how to" where we're supposed
  to be able to run the examples. I've tried running these only to be staring at the
  "The page cannot be found" error. Now I'm a little unclear as to whether or not I needed to create a
  virtual directory to point to the examples directory so I tried that, same error. I have checked access
  on both the jakarta and the examples directories they looked fine (gave all out access on both, just
  to be sure). Now there are a few things that I thought were odd
  1) Directory browsing was turned on for the examples virtual directory and yet I was unable to browse
      the directory. I created a temp directory pointing to the same directory (c:\tomcat\webapps\examples)
      and I can browse going through that one. I can bring up the index.html but, as expected, trying to run
      a jsp page it just loaded the source for the page into the browser.
  2) Both the and files reference ajp12 yet my tomcat.conf
      sets ApJServDefaultProtocol ajpv12. I've tried playing with this and it didn't seem to have any effect.
  I have checked and rechecked that all the paths are correct and they seem to be. I'm attaching the
  isapi.log file which really doesn't seem to contain a lot.