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From (Max R. Andersen)
Subject "Design patterns" for servlets (or cgi in general)
Date Mon, 03 Jul 2000 10:13:20 GMT


Does anyone here know of some pages describing good "design patterns" for servlets/cgi ?

Im especailly looking for techniques and arguments for and against the following issues:

How should parameters to servlets be represented in urls ?
 As standard cgi-parameters as in ?param1=value1&param2=value2 or as part of the path
in the URL ?
 What are the arguments for and against this ? With the parameters as part of the path it
is easy(easier?)
 to generate a static version of the web (which I would like to have as an option)

How should sessions be handled ?
 Via cookies ?
  Disadvantage: Not all people (and clients) like cookies.
  Advantage: easy - does not require url rewriting.
 URL rewriting ?
  Disadvantage: Requires rewrite of all urls - How can one handle this for e.g. static html-files
at the server which has to remain the state ?
  Advantage: People and all clients can handle this - it only require appending a id to the

What should and should not be stored in session-objects ?

With hope and thanks :)

Max R. Andersen (

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