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From "Steve Fyfe" <>
Subject RE: Distributed Example WEB.XML Crashes JVM 1.2.2
Date Wed, 19 Jul 2000 15:01:58 GMT
In an XML document, the < and & characters are interpreted as markup characters. In
order to put them in your text you must encode them as &lt; and &amp; respectively.
Also, you may have to encode greater-than (&gt;), quote (&quot;), and apostrophe (&apos;)
if they could be confused as markup characters, so it is a good idea to always encode them
just to be safe.

This is standard XML and has nothing to do with Tomcat.

I don't know why you should have a problem with a slash, though, unless it is being treated
as a Java escape char. You could try using // to see if you end up with only one.


Steve Fyfe
CNI Corporation
Milford New Hampshire
(603) 673-6600

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Sent:	Tuesday, July 18, 2000 6:05 PM
To:	<>
Subject:	Distributed Example WEB.XML Crashes JVM 1.2.2
Tomcat threw illegal character exceptions when adding my context (reading my new web.xml)
until I removed embedded slash and ampersand characters from the fields <display-name>
and <description>.  I'm presuming now that special characters are not allowed within
the content of these tags (perhaps if escaped ?).

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