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From Thomas Tsoi <>
Subject Setup problem of Tomcat
Date Fri, 28 Jul 2000 02:54:30 GMT
	I have downloaded and install the tomcat 3.1, and isapi_redirect.dll
. And then follow the guideline from TOMCAT IIS-HOWTO at
. However, I cannot config the machine to redirect my request to servlet
(i.e. when I type http://localhost/examples in browser, it dont know
redirect to servlet and return with an error message that "Page cannot be
	(The things I installed are tomcat 3.1, and redirector)

	I have configurate the tomcat, so that the servlet can run on port
8080, when I type http://localhost:8080, Tomcat servlet page was shown.

	I have tried on both Windows 2000 professional, and NT 4.0
Workstation with PWS 4.0 and SP6.0a. However they both cannot redirect the
servlet request.

	Is there any steps that I missed? And is my configuration ok??

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