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From Karen Hoofnagle <>
Subject Re: Examples work, but my custom context doesn't
Date Thu, 27 Jul 2000 20:07:25 GMT
Sorry about the earlier email with all the attachments.  Hopefully this
will be both easier to read and less volume.

Essentially I have a working copy of tomcat 3.1 running with apache
1.3.9, the Sun 1.3 jdk beta, and Redhat 6.2.  The example servlets and jsp
pages work fine.

I have added a context called hamilton to my webapps directory.
The tree looks like this: 

The WEB-INF directory contains a web.xml that has the following code in
it (in addition to some stock code which should not matter):


Now please note, that HServletConnection is not actually under the
hamilton context directory tree physically.  It is a class inside a jar
file that's being dropped into the classpath via  I am
not, however, seeing any
attempt at all to call HServletConnection when I type
http://localhost/hamilton, not even a 404 error.  What I'm getting is a
directory tree for webapps/hamilton.

Any advice at all would be appreciated.  
Hope I've provided enough information to make diagnosis attemptable.

Karen Hoofnagle
Programmer Analyst
The Microstate Corporation

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