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From "Matthias Barmeier" <barme...@BARMEIER.COM>
Subject Newbie questions please help !!
Date Wed, 26 Jul 2000 09:00:10 GMT

I am new to java and tomcat.
After my Setup (IIS, NT4, Tomcat 3.1) is up everything seems to run stable I
have some questions.

1.) When I put a newer version of a class file in WEB-INF/classes I always
get the console message
	"Reload !!!" and the jsp that uses this bean crashes with a

2.) I have added a WEB-INF/src directory but when I put my java files there
tomcat does not compile them.
	Is this the right behaviour ?

3.) When I try to use the Vector class in my beans tomcat crahses.
	Is the Vector class disallowed when using beans ?

Thanx in ad

	Matthias Barmeier

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