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From "Joe Shevland" <>
Subject Include not passing parameters?
Date Wed, 26 Jul 2000 01:00:34 GMT
I'm using the @include directive (Apache 1.3.12/SSL/Tomcat 3.1) to include another JSP file
in an index page I'm using:

<%@ include file="inc_stage.jsp?stage=1" %>

so I can increment a stage counter from page to page.

If I view 'inc_stage.jsp?stage=1' directly in my browser everything is fine, however when
the above tag is embedded in another JSP that is called, the parameter 'stage' is not getting
passed through. This (I believe) worked under JServ, can anyone see anything I'm doing wrong?
I tried <jsp:include...> but that won't get translated which is what I'm after.


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