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From "René Salle" <>
Subject RE: installing Tomcat 3.1 on win98
Date Tue, 11 Jul 2000 15:04:25 GMT
> Hi, I downloaded and unzipped Tomcat 3.1.  However, I get the message "Bad
> command or file name" whenever I use the command "startup."  The
> funny thing
> is, it works fine on Window NT 4.0.

This is due to the format of batch files coming with Tomcat. They uses unix
type end of lines (easy to see that by opening it with notepad, or some hex.
dump). You can get rid of theses problems by opening your .bat files with
wordpad.exe (notepad.exe does not correct this), adding some space at the
end of the first line (to be sure that wordpad will indeed write back the
file on disk) and closing wordpad.

You need to do that for all .bat files (they all get called at some time).

Many others text editors can be used for this 'conversion', among them

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