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From "Peter Jasko" <>
Subject RE: Tomcat, JNDI and EJB's
Date Wed, 26 Jul 2000 08:43:23 GMT
We are successfully using JOnAS with Tomcat.

I haven't personally seen the problem you are describing below, but you
should try using just the parts of the j2ee.jar that you need, rather than
the whole thing, or maybe just ensure that it appears after any Tomcat jars.


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From: Joe Shevland []
Sent: Wednesday, July 26, 2000 8:04 AM
Subject: RE: Tomcat, JNDI and EJB's

Personally, no, however the jBoss folks have integrated Tomcat with their
J2EE server and may provide some assistance:

or the list:

HTH a bit,

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>From: David Patton []
>Sent: Wednesday, 26 July 2000 2:06 PM
>Subject: Tomcat, JNDI and EJB's
>I am using Tomcat to handle servlets and JSP requests and have it mapped
>into Weblogic to handle EJB requests.  I am using JNDI to access
>my EJB's on
>Weblogic.  That is the theory at least.  In reality, when I access my
>servlet, it bombs out saying that it can't find the necessary JNDI classes
>in my classpath.  When I add the J2EE.jar file into my classpath
>for tomcat,
>it blows up.  Anyone have experience passing requests for EJB's
>from Tomcat?
>Dave Patton

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