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From Larry Isaacs <>
Subject RE: Local administrative rights to start Tomcat 3.2 beta2?
Date Wed, 12 Jul 2000 13:03:28 GMT
Make a copy of the startup.bat file in the bin directory.  Modify this copy by changing the
"call" line near the bottom of the file to use "run" instead of "start".  Open a dos command
window and make the tomcat directory the current directory.  Then execute "bin\<your modified
bat file>".  With "run", Tomcat will be executed within the current command window instead
of spawning a separate process.  This should give you a better view of your error.
If an important part scrolls off the screen, right-click the icon in the upper left corner
of the command window and select Properties.  Set the Screen Buffer Size to a number of lines
sufficient to capture your error, then "OK" twice and try again.
Hope this helps.

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Sent: Wednesday, July 12, 2000 7:30 AM
Subject: AW: Local administrative rights to start Tomcat 3.2 beta2?


> Supposing you are using Windows NT, you shouldn't need 
> administrative rights 
> to run Tomcat 3.2. I don't. 

I'm running NT 4.0 SP6a. 

> What you could do is to check if you have access rights for 
> all of the files 
> or directories or maybe netwok drives you are using. 

Tomcat 3.2beta2 is installed locally in e:\tomcat\... 
JDK 1.3 is installed in c:\jdk1.3\... 
JAVA_HOME and TOMCAT_HOME are also set (works with Tomcat 3.1). 

> It looks like a problem of the environment of your OS, not a 
> problem of 
> Tomcat or Java herself. 

What could be wrong? 
> What is the error message? 

It's too fast, but I think it's something like: 

exception in thread main .. java.lang. ... 

It's a little bit weired. 

Thank you, 


> Greetings, 
> Marc 
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> Gesendet am: Mittwoch, 12. Juli 2000 13:13 
> An: 
> Betreff: Local administrative rights to start Tomcat 3.2 beta2? 
> Hi, 
> why do I need local administrative rights to run Tomcat 3.2 beta2? 
> I didn't need them for Tomcat 3.1. 
> Tomcat 3.2 beta2 works fine, if I'm logged in as a local 
> administrator, but 
> quits with an error message thrown from java.exe, if im logged in as a 
> "normal" user. 
> Any suggestions would be nice. 
> Thanks, 
> Stephan 
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