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From "Kotsiras, Alexandros" <>
Subject RE: Tomcat+Apache, running on seperate machines.
Date Mon, 31 Jul 2000 18:27:21 GMT
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<TITLE>RE: Tomcat+Apache, running on seperate machines.</TITLE>

<P><FONT SIZE=2>The setup is similar to JServ. </FONT>
<BR><FONT SIZE=2>The &quot;minimalistic user's guide&quot; shows how to
do this. </FONT>
<BR><FONT SIZE=2>In the tomcat.conf you have to specify : </FONT>

<P><FONT SIZE=2>ApJServDefaultHost TomcatHost</FONT>

<P><FONT SIZE=2>or you can specify per context separately as described in the

<P><FONT SIZE=2>-----Original Message-----</FONT>
<BR><FONT SIZE=2>From: Craig Anderson [<A HREF=""></A>]</FONT>
<BR><FONT SIZE=2>Sent: Monday, July 31, 2000 12:15 PM</FONT>
<BR><FONT SIZE=2>To: Tomcat User Help (E-mail)</FONT>
<BR><FONT SIZE=2>Subject: Tomcat+Apache, running on seperate machines.</FONT>

<P><FONT SIZE=2>Hello,</FONT>

<P>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; <FONT SIZE=2>I
am looking to setup apache and tomcat to spread over three</FONT>
<BR><FONT SIZE=2>machines. I have a machine that will run tomcat and then two
machines that</FONT>
<BR><FONT SIZE=2>will run apache and need to use tomcat. I know I could do this
with JServ</FONT>
<BR><FONT SIZE=2>but I cannot find very much documentation on tomcat. I have been
<BR><FONT SIZE=2>throught but have not come up with anything.
I was</FONT>
<BR><FONT SIZE=2>wondering were I might find some documentation on doing this.
I was also</FONT>
<BR><FONT SIZE=2>wondering where I could find a list of packages I need to run
with tomcat</FONT>
<BR><FONT SIZE=2>3.1, what version of apache is best, which jdk, things like that.</FONT>

<P><FONT SIZE=2>Craig Anderson</FONT>
<BR><FONT SIZE=2>Director of Internet Services</FONT>
<BR><FONT SIZE=2>Netstat Resources, LLC.</FONT>


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