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From "Alexandros Kotsiras" <>
Subject Running Tomcat on a separate computer : Where do i place the JSP files ? ?
Date Mon, 10 Jul 2000 18:59:23 GMT

    Hello let's assume that i run Apacje on Aoache_HOST  and tomcat on
    I have a conext called "nyapp" so i have the following entry in
tomcat-conf :
    Alias /nyapp  /usr/local/tomcat-3.1/webapps/nyapp

   <Directory "/usr/local/tomcat-3.1/webapps/nyapp">
       Options Indexes FollowSymLinks Includes

     ApJServMount /nyapp/servlet ajpv12://TOMCAT_HOST:8009/nyapp

   <Location /nyapp/WEB-INF/ >
      AllowOverride None
      deny from all

   ApJServAction  .jsp  /nyapp/servlet/jsp-servlet
   I couldn't find a way to invoke JSP files.
   In the beginning i placed the JSP in Tomcat_HOST inside the
webapps/nyapp/jsp directory as i always do when Apache and Tomcat run on the
same machine.
   But in the Apache access.log file i got  : - - [10/Jul/2000:14:20:49 -0400] "GET /nyapp/jsp/snoop.jsp
HTTP/1.1" 404
   which means that Apache was looking in it's own machine for the JSP

  Anyaway i found out that when Apache and Tomcat run on separate machines i
place the JSP files on the Apache machine in a directory under the
  and not into the webapps/contextName/jsp/ folder of the tomcat
installation on the Tomcat_HOST.
  The above worked for me BUT i had to comment the first  "Alias: and
"<directory>" directives and make them  :

   #Alias /nyapp  /usr/local/tomcat-3.1/webapps/nyapp

   #<Directory "/usr/local/tomcat-3.1/webapps/nyapp">
       #Options Indexes FollowSymLinks Includes

  Is there a way to place the JSP files on the Tomcat_HOST ? I suspect that
i am missing something...

  Thanks, Alex.


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