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From Ben Weinberger <>
Subject Re: Installation Question
Date Thu, 06 Jul 2000 20:23:28 GMT
Hi Val~
Ok-- successfully downloaded... another question I saw at one point... do I 
need to have a 2.2.x linux kernel installed?... and any other special 
lib's, etc?


At 03:06 PM 7/6/2000 -0400, you wrote:
>Hi Ben.
>Here is the link that I followed to get my copy of JDK for Linux:  Don't let
>the Java 2 SE part fool you.  This is what you are looking for.  When it
>installs, it automatically installs jdk1.3 as separate directory.
>When you get there, you click on "Linux Beta", which doesn't sound
>reassuring, I know, but so far I haven't had any problems.  But then, I'm
>not exactly stress testing the sucker yet.  Once you've clicked on that,
>they make you log in if you've already registered, or register if you
>haven't already registered.  If I remember correctly, after that you get to
>There are also installation instructions that come with it, and I strongly
>recommend you print them up.  I think I had to cut and paste them into
>notepad to print them up, because it wouldn't print properly from my
>browser, but maybe that's just me.
>None of this seems to be a straight forward proposition, I know.  I recall
>stumbling around myself, trying to determine what in the world I was
>supposed to download and how to install and configure it when I did.
>This should get you to where you need to go, though.

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