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From Tammy M Blaser <>
Subject Apache 1.3.12 w/OpenSSL and Tomcat 3.1 Configuration Inquiry
Date Thu, 13 Jul 2000 14:40:21 GMT
We are using Apache 1.3.12 w/OpenSSL with Tomcat 3.1 on Linux 2.2.16 and 
having some challenging times configuring our web server.

At this point, I am contemplating installing the Tomcat 3.2 beta version 
that supposedly can run standalone w/SSL.

But before going off and doing that, I would like to know if anyone on this 
list has experience configuring Apache with OpenSSL and Tomcat?

Basically the problem I am having is how to get the httpsd.conf (apache 
conf file) to co-exist with the tomcat-apache.conf (tomcat conf file).

I have the httpd ports disabled (commented out now).

The httpsd.conf file is only listening to port 443 and httpd.conf has a 
simbolic link to httpd.conf.

I am able to bring up in https the document root pages that Apache has 
access to (and my self signed test certificate checks out o.k.) but I can't 
get Tomcat to bring up the java server pages.

Anyone out there have Apache with Open SSL and tomcat configuration files 
that work properly to share?

-- Tammy

Tammy M. Blaser
NASA John H. Glenn Research Center
Flight Software Engineering Organization 7750
Mail stop 86-11
216-433-2699 (office)
216-433-8269 (fax)
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