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From "Mantri, Mr Ramesh" <>
Subject tomcat apparently shutting down by itself
Date Wed, 05 Jul 2000 23:58:56 GMT
Dear all,

We are a team of 5 people working on a 4-tier Client-Server project. Tier 1
is an applet embedded
into a browser and the gateway to tier 2 are servlets. We installed apache
web server and then 
tomcat servlet engine. 

At this point we are trying to test some simple servlets which return data
and images to the applet
requesting for them. We are observing some erratic behaviour.

First we start tomcat and then all the servlets work fine i.e., when an
applet wants data it
with the appropriate servlet and gets it and when it wants an image, it
communicates with
another servlet and obtains the image. But when we close the xterms,
particularly the xterm
from where we started tomcat and log back in later and try to run these
tests again, the tests
fail with the error following error message:
at java.lang.Throwable.filleinStackTrace(Native Method)
at<init>(Compiled Code)
at Code)

This was happenning because tomcat was shutting down. We inserted a "nohup"
at the
point in the "" script where tomcat is started. That didn't help
either. There is no
concrete evidence of anything. We tried all sorts of trial-and-error fixes.
When we were at
our wits' end, we decided to contact the mailing list and get some help. We
would appreciate
any help in this regard. Our work hasn't been progressing for nearly a week
due to this problem.

Ramesh Mantri

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