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From Tim Kientzle <>
Subject Mapping URL->Servlet
Date Mon, 31 Jul 2000 18:10:05 GMT
How can I map an arbitrary URL (that may be outside
of any particular "servlet context") to a particular

I'm especially interested in Tomcat as a servlet
container for Apache.  I've tried using my old friend
mod_rewrite, but it seems to confuse mod_jserv.
(Which tries to use the original URL, rather than
the rewritten one.)  Other posters seem to have
tinkered with <servlet-mapping>/<url-pattern>
with little luck.

Does _anyone_ here know how to do this?

I asked this question a week or two ago with no
answer, and seen several similar questions asked,
again, with no definitive answer.

This gets to a fundamental concern I have about the
2.2 Servlet spec; in their zeal for supporting
"web applications", the authors seem to have forgotten
that most of us are creating "web sites".

				- Tim Kientzle

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