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From Tom Parris <>
Subject Apache/Tomcat not setting response codes correctly.
Date Sun, 30 Jul 2000 17:55:58 GMT
Tomcat Users:

I am new to tomcat, so this may be a naive (or highly redundant)
question.  However, I have noticed some behavior in the interaction
between apache and tomcat that I think needs to be fixed. I have tried
searching list archives, but do not see this mentioned.

If a tomcat or a servlet explicitly set a status code that is not 200
(e.g., 404, SC_NOT_FOUND), Apache still returns a status code of 200.
In my opinion, correct behavior would be for Apache to set the status
code that is returned by the servlet.

I am fairly certain that the problem lies with tomcat and not mod_jserv
or Apache.  When I try to use the http server that is embedded in tomcat
to access a non existant file, it shows a 404 not found message, but
does not set the response code to 404 in the http header that is sent to
my browser.

Is this a known problem, an unknown problem, or a feature?

Highest regards,

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