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From Tim Kientzle <>
Subject Re: Can i start/stop Tomcat from a remote computer ? ?
Date Thu, 27 Jul 2000 04:51:45 GMT
Alexandros Kotsiras wrote:
> 1. I remember once reading that whatever JAVA app you code your memory usage
> starts at 4MB or higher because this (4MB) is what the JVM needs by itself.
> Is that correct ? ?

4MB seems pretty darned small to me.  I don't recall ever seeing
a JDK1.2 process under 20MB, personally.   (The very lightly-loaded
Tomcat on my development machine right now is claiming 25MB of
RAM.)  The stripped 'java' executable alone is over 12MB
(Linux/Blackdown JDK1.2.2RC4).  I'd be very reluctant to run
production Tomcat on a machine with less than 64MB of RAM.

In short, if 4MB of RAM one way or the other is a problem for
you, maybe you should steer clear of Java entirely.  ;-)
(Embedded Java is no doubt a completely different story...)

				- Tim

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