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From Andreas Junghans <>
Subject Slow POST?
Date Wed, 26 Jul 2000 08:49:17 GMT
Hi everybody,

I'm not sure whether this is the right place to ask, so please forgive
me if I should post this somewhere else.

When I access a JSP via GET, I get an immediate response. When the same
page is requested via POST, there is random delay up to about 3 seconds
(also when reloading the page, so it's not the time needed to compile
the JSP). I wonder where this delay comes from? I don't think that any
of my code is responsible for it, since all works fine with GET. I've
experienced this behaviour with both Tomcat standalone and together with
Apache. I've not tried this with any other Servlet engine, maybe it's
"normal" behaviour?

The JSP in question is attached to this message.

My configuration:

Tomcat 3.1
Apache 1.3.12 (Win32)
Windows NT 4.0 SP5
Netscape Navigator 4.7

Thank you very much

Andreas Junghans
- Anwendungsentwickler -

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