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From "$Bill Dossett" <>
Subject cache...
Date Fri, 21 Jul 2000 11:04:22 GMT

I've got a problem with tomcat that is pretty much
driving me crazy.  The first jsp I created, test.jsp
and put in my webapps/ROOT dir did an SQL into
my database and retrieved one record.  It was just
a test.  I didn't get a change to work on it again for
a week or so, and now if I create a new .jsp, it doesn't
find it, even though it's in the same directory as
test.jsp... then things get really bizarre, I've removed
test.jsp from the system ... yet when I get test.jsp
in my browser, it still finds it.  I have searched the
whole machine and there are no further test.jsp
files on it, yet it still comes up.  Any other .jsp
I add it can't find.  I've restarted everything, I've
watched the logs and it says what the real path
is and where it's getting the file from yet it isn't
there. I'm running tomcat on Linux with apache.
I've restarted apache and tomcat, even reboot the
machine, flushed the cach on my browser... I'm
out of ideas... does tomcat cache things anywhere?
Doesn't seem right, but I'm clutching at straws.

Bill Dossett
Emtex Ltd.

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